Trevor strohman thesis

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The course focuses on the development and derivation of major ideas, and aims to promote research skills for students working in and outside of. INTERACTIVE REFORMULATION OF LONG QUERIES A Dissertation Presented by GIRIDHAR KUMARAN Ao Feng, Yun Zhou, Trevor Strohman, Xiaoyong Liu, Ron Bekkerman, Don Metzler, Hema Raghavan, Fernando Diaz, Jiwoon Jeon, Ramesh Nallapati, and this thesis to them I hope to do a bit in that direction.

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The Information Retriever's Guide to the Document Galaxy The Search for the Ultimate Question. Pages. The Information Retriever's Guide to the Document Galaxy The Search for the Ultimate Question.

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Clarke, For Michele Huston Summary This thesis is dedicated to her memory. I’d also like to thank my family, both old and. Keyphrases.

Trevor strohman thesis
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