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It’s slight, but you now have a Theme colour setting, which lets you change the colour of things like the tweet button and some of the metrics on your setup. Facebook offers the "Like" button and Twitter offers the "Tweet" button.

When readers click either button, they automatically post on Facebook or Twitter, sharing a link to your Tumblr post. All of their social networking followers can see the link and may click it, driving more potential customers to your site. Thesis is a popular WordPress theme.

I’ve worked with it quite a bit and have spent time customizing it. There are a number of Thesis “skins” that have been developed that can be implemented to change the look of your Thesis theme without having to customize it.

And while Thesis isn’t free, these skins are. Twitter follow button is a small widget which allows users to easily follow your twitter account (or any twitter account) from any website.

2 Free Social media Thesis Boxes for Thesis Theme

The follow button uses the same implementation model as the official tweet button, and it is really simple to integrate. For example in my Thesis theme I added code for the related posts, the author box, the social buttons, and so much more. That meant my site had less plugins and more functions.

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That meant my site had less plugins and more functions.

Thesis theme twitter button
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Add Social Media Icons to Thesis Theme for Wordpress