Thesis optima multi asset strategy

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Multi-Asset Strategies

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The Fund will seek to achieve its investment objective primarily through investment in shares or units of regulated and/or unregulated collective investment schemes and/or closed ended funds.

This may include schemes or funds managed by the Manager. The Optima Multi-Asset Strategy Sub-Fund is intended to provide consistent rates of return with lower risk than more traditional approaches to portfolio management which tend to be largely dependant on the performance of equities and/or bonds.

Fund Objective. This Fund aims to achieve long-term real total returns in excess of the Bank of England base rate plus inflation with lower than equity volatility through investment in a portfolio which gives exposure to a wide range of asset classes and geographic regions as well as specialist investment management companies providing.

The respectability of Steven Richard’s return on the Thesis Optima Multi-Asset Strategy fund can be measured by the slimness of the gap between it and those of the Cautious Managed sector, while. Introduction Thesis Optima funds are diversified, multi asset funds that can be recommended as standalone investments or as part of a core/satellite solution.

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Thesis optima multi asset strategy
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