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Landau, Worried Number Theory, Chelsea, ; pp.

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The thesis counts as two courses in the spring term of senior year. In view of the SEAS requirement that each student takes at least four courses in any given term, seniors must take at least three courses, in addition to the thesis, each term senior year (regardless.

Princeton economics senior thesis Mar 3, 16 For current information on how to search for senior theses, please see the Libguide How to Search, Request to View, and Order Princeton University.

Collections in this community. Title: Wake Up Call: An Analysis of Airbnb's Disruption on the Manhattan Hotel Industry: Authors: Glenn, Erin: Advisors: Weil, Roman: Department: Economics.

The Global Health and Health Policy Senior Thesis Prize is awarded in recognition of the most outstanding thesis written by a student earning a certificate in Global Health and Health Policy. Center for Health and Wellbeing Affiliate Receives Graduate Mentoring Award. The Senior Thesis is a full year, 12 month,effort which really starts during the end of the junior spring semester.

Be prepared to devote at least the amount of time that. A senior thesis in anthropology may be based on field research, or grounded in deep reading and analysis of the extant anthropological literature on a specific topic. Doing thesis research during the summer between junior and senior years is very helpful but not required for anthropology majors.

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