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Licentiate (degree)

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If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Gorilla 3 Room. The field of modern biobanking has seen global growth and there is a demand for ongoing education and professionalization of this sector.

For a Degree of Licentiate the third-cycle student shall have been awarded a pass grade for a research thesis of at least 60 credits. Degree titles Swedish: Licentiatexamen. Higher education in Sweden; Introduction to higher education; A licentiate degree covering at least credits, with a thesis worth at least 60 credits, may be awarded as a separate qualification or as a step on the way to a doctoral degree.

Naturally, writing a licentiate thesis as a step on the way to a doctoral thesis takes extra. DEVELOPMENT OF A FERRITIC DUCTILE CAST IRON FOR INCREASED LIFE IN EXHAUST APPLICATIONS Madeleine Ekström Licentiate Thesis Stockholm, Sweden. Liu, Jin; Influence of Fluid Shear on Primary Nucleation of Low Molecular Organic Compounds in Solution; Licentiate Thesis; Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology; Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, May Yang, Huaiyu; Investigations into the Crystallization of Butyl.

Licentiate thesis sweden
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