Data mining thesis 2011

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The actual data mining task is the semi-automatic or automatic analysis of large quantities of data to extract previously unknown, interesting patterns such as groups of data records (cluster analysis), unusual records (anomaly detection), and dependencies (association rule mining, sequential pattern mining).

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and Theses Related to Data Mining (Since ) Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Databases Spatial and Multi-Media Databases Nancy Yaqin Liao, `` Fault-Tolerant Repeat Pattern Mining on Biological Data '', thesis, Computing Science, Simon Fraser University, August Research on the problem of clustering tends to be fragmented across the pattern recognition, database, data mining, and machine learning communities.

Sample Data Mining Project: Association Rule Learning in Data Mining In data mining, association rule learning is an extremely vital tool through which two previously unrelated variables can be related in a significantly large data pool.

| 42 Instructor: Wikström Yngvar Xiaoli Geng The application of data mining methods Data mining is becoming more and more important. The aim of this thesis is to study and research data mining, to clarify the background, knowledge and method of data study on data mining.

This thesis separately introduces the data mining.

Data mining thesis 2011
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